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Microelectronics Commons Call for Topics

 The California-Pacific-Northwest AI Hardware Hub is pleased to share that the Microelectronics Commons Call for Topics (CFT) is now underway! 

We have created a helpful Calls for Topics page to ease and expedite team collaborations and submissions. The NW-AI Hub CFT page provides the following features: 

  • Info Sheet - Details on the CFT submission process and links to resources.
  • Submission Portal - upload your submission as a single ZIP file.
  • Connect with Collaborators - discover teams with similar areas of interest and/or expertise.

Microelectronics Commons is a CHIPS and Science Act-funded national network for onshore, microelectronics hardware focused prototyping, lab-to-fab transition of semiconductor technologies and semiconductor workforce training. 

The Microelectronics Commons program is comprised of eight regional Hubs, each managing their own network of commercial innovators. Those who are interested in contributing their capabilities in support of the Microelectronics Commons program must join a Hub.

Visit the California-Pacific-Northwest AI Hardware Hub Calls for Topics page to learn more. The Northwest-AI Hub deadline for submissions is 12 pm EST (9am Pacific Time) July 17, 2024.

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