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A Hub member is an academic, industry, government laboratory, or non-profit organization that is interested in AI hardware and willing to contribute to the goals of the Hub. Some benefits of  membership include:
  • Hub funding and/or services to be used to further develop of AI hardware (must be in good standing)
  • Opportunity to participate in the Commons calls-for-proposals (CfPs)
  • Wafer processing resources including: user-supplied know-how and technologies, access to National Labs, access to leverage CMOS+X Route that can define technology and design interface protocols, facilitated design enablement, NDA management, and facilitated access to innovative technologies in laboratories to be integrated with foundry CMOS technologies
  • Access to the research results of Hub projects
  • Invitation to semi-annual Member Meetings to view research results and interact with participating researchers
  • Participating in the Hub workforce development activities that can provide access to top talent in AI hardware engineering